Are you looking for the best bedbug exterminator in Brampton to spot bedbug eggs quickly? They are either white or pearl-white in colour. Bedbug eggs are barrel-shaped and coated with a sticky residue that adheres to nearly any surface. A five-day-old bedbug eggshell has a distinctive dark mark that looks like a newborn’s eye. Adult bedbugs are oval, flat, and reddish-brown. They look exactly like a small, brown balloon or deflated balloon, depending on whether they have fed recently or not.

Where to Find Bedbug Eggs

Eggs are often laid in secure locations, close to their food source. Bedbugs are drawn to the carbon dioxide, moisture, and warmth created by warm-blooded living organisms. As a result, the bed is the location where they often feed on blood and often rubble the bed. Check the bed frame, bed box, joints, and mattress seams.

Observation of black or red specks in these parts reveals bedbugs are present. These are excrements from the insects since they can digest blood partially. An overpowering, cloying odour indicates an infestation. A large gathering of bedbugs releases this particular smell. It emanates from their gland secretion.

You will not want to have a bedbug infestation at home. Call a pest control company like KSG Pest Control to help you get rid of this critter. There is no need to identify or find a bedbug. Veteran pest experts from KGS Pest Control will detect where these critters are and deal with them. However, there are detectors and monitors for bedbugs that will always keep you updated on the current situation of the infestation at your place. Make sure you find out how to identify bedbugs and know where they are hiding.

How to Get Rid of Bedbug Eggs


Similar to what the best bedbug exterminator in Brampton does, you can also set fire in various ways. heavy-duty dry steamer can be used to access all the holes, crevices, and cracks where bedbugs have laid eggs. A steam cleaner usually has a hose where you can treat areas, which are hard to reach. A portable fan and heater can also be used. All other heat-sensitive products, such as human and pet medication, and indoor plants, in the room should be taken out of the area before commencement.

The most exciting thing about heat treatment is that it only takes place once, unlike standard methods that take days or weeks. It kills all the bedbugs within a day, which includes the eggs. Other methods, such as insecticides, can be sprayed to kill any bed bugs left in the room. The other relevant type of treatment is cold treatment. The bedbug eggs cannot survive in deep, low-temperature levels or environments.


The infested linen and clothes can be washed with water in extremely low temperatures, minus 32 degree Fahrenheit, for instance. Non-washable products can be put or placed inside the freezer for about one calendar month to kill the bedbug eggs. Carbon dioxide snow can as well kill the bed. This method is also expensive and less used, but it works perfectly too.

The process entails converting carbon dioxide into dry snow and spraying it over the bed to kill all the bugs. It eliminates the heat from their body, killing them in the process. Spraying dry ice over bedbugs does not leave any residue behind, a stain, or mess. It can be used in any environment. For greater effectiveness, solid carbon dioxide is used with insecticide spray.


Diatomaceous earth works by drying the bedbugs exposed to this pesticide. Its powder disrupts their nervous system. Call KSG Pest Control now to schedule a consultation with the best bedbug exterminator in Brampton!

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