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Mice Control

As rodents, mice and rats frequently expand their habitat by roving to other locations in quest of food. They typically prefer to feed continuously throughout the day and depend on particular food remnants. In the deeper areas, they frequently dig holes and burrows. Most often, they dig canals in bare ground and wooded regions. Rats typically enter human living spaces through backyards and gardens, preferring roof tops, shelves, and cupboards as their favoured locations. The most frequent occurrence is that they use their teeth on the majority of the surfaces of household items in an effort to maintain them short and sharp. Although mice often do not attack people, this does not mean that they cannot cause harm.

Mice can even navigate through spaces with very little room for movement because they can change the form of their bodies by compressing themselves. Very often, the electrical wiring is harmed. There are many methods used to manage their numbers, but the bait method appears to be the most successful. At KSG, we are familiar with the method for avoiding mice.

Bedbug Control

Bedbugs are nocturnal parasites that get most of their nourishment by eating human or animal blood. They are typically oval in shape and brownish in color. Adults typically range in size from 4 to 5 millimeters. They lack wings, which prevents them from flying, and their bodies appear to have flattened. Bedbugs typically live under mattresses, in corners, and along bed folds. According to their nature, they feed on humans at night and inject some harmful chemicals into their blood, which finally results in severe discomfort and irritability and leaves behind skin rashes.

No other firm can match the accuracy rate of 90% offered by our experienced professionals, which is higher than the 30% accuracy rate of a qualified human inspection. We offer the best bed bug exterminator services around!

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can grow to a length of over 50 mm , and some species are typically larger than those found in other, warmer areas. The flat, round bodies of cockroaches are typically greasy to the touch. They can be warm or cool depending on the temperature of their surroundings. Because they are naturally resistant to a number of over-the-counter insecticides and are better at hiding than being found, cockroach eggs are challenging to capture in cockroach traps. Without specific equipment, supplies, and experience, treating cockroach infestations could prove to be a losing battle.

Cockroaches cannot be destroyed in a single shot, thus an approach including two subsequent sprays and luring is needed to get rid of them. Within a two-week period, each request should be fulfilled independently. Depending on the level of activity, this plan often calls for three visits. At KSG, our cockroach control service has shown to be quite successful.

Silverfish Control

Due to their nighttime behavior, silverfish are less frequently noticed than cockroaches and bedbugs. The majority of them are silverfish in color, and they got their name from the way their bodies looked like fish and the way they moved like fish. They are adept runners and lack wings, making them incapable of flying. The typical lifespan is between two and eight years. They are between 1 and 2 cm long, with antennae on the front and back of their bodies. They are primarily recognized for consuming foods that have sufficient amounts of cellulose. Therefore, books and other stationery suffer significant damage as they degrade at an accelerated rate, leading to the loss of priceless documents. At KSG we have the right knowledge to handle and control silverfish growth on your property.

Ants Control

A combination of an interior and external insecticidal therapy is frequently necessary for the treatment of carpenter ants. Both interior and exterior treatments must be performed after following preparation instructions. After the treatment is finished, occupants are often required to vacate the property for 4-6 hours. Carpenter ants tunnel into the wood to form what we refer to as “galleries,” which they use to build their nests. The first and most evident indicator of carpenter ants is when the wood is discharged from the nest in the form of wood shavings. Our technician may choose to use more sophisticated methods, such as drilling 1-2 mm holes in the drywall to inject a foam-based insecticide that will target regions that a liquid spray may not be able to reach, depending on the severity of the infestation and the location of the nest.For this kind of issue, we advise getting a yearly external treatment to stop more infestations.

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