Do you often search the web for “mice extermination in Brampton?” Finding evidence of a mouse infestation in your home is a completely understandable nightmare for any homeowner. Not only can mice carry diseases that put your health at risk, but they can also cause significant damage to your property by chewing through insulation, walls, and even electrical wiring. You don’t need to solve the mice problem alone. KSG Pest Control will take you through the steps of eliminating mice from your house.


First, you want to make sure the ekimmu finds its way into your house as quickly as possible. Second, you need to keep it comfortable so it doesn’t stray. So, before we arrive at your front door, there are a few things you can do:

Clear the Way

Our team will clear any colonies of vermin by setting them on fire to prevent such things from resurfacing. At the very least, we’ll clear out any clutter or other potential obstructions, including the closets, the attic, the basement, and every other receptacle for storage.

Secure Food Sources

Mice extermination in Brampton is not rocket science! Pack all food, even pet food, into airtight containers so that no food is left available in the open to attract mice to your home.

Seal Potential Entry Points

Although we will locate and seal any openings during extermination, you may also give us an upper hand by sealing any visible cracks or holes in the exterior of your home with caulk or steel wool. Together, we’ll surely win the ongoing war against them!


Our expert and trained exterminators will examine the indoor and outdoor scenarios thoroughly to determine the severity of the rodent infestation and to pinpoint the possible points of entry and nesting places. This prevents any unintentional outbreak, as it allows us to devise a suitable treatment for the situation in question. During the course of the inspection, our seasoned and qualified technicians will also look for evidence of mouse damage, such as gnawed wires or insulation, and offer you recommendations for repair or prevention.


With this information, our helpful pest control team will approve a unique plan for mouse extermination. For rodent elimination, we use the following methods:

Baiting Stations

To gain treatment near the source, tamper-resistant bait stations (canisters containing rodenticides formulated to eliminate mice safely and effectively while minimizing risks to children, pets, and non-target species) will be placed in areas where mouse activity has been detected.


We will use humane traps if the environment is sensitive or if a client requests it. And yes, we can remove mice from pipes.

Exclusion Techniques

Our technicians will point out and seal up all those little holes in your home that gave the mice access. Once those are patched up, the chance of new mice re-infesting the property is greatly diminished. Stop looking online for “mice extermination in Brampton” and call KSG Pest Control instead!

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