The bustling Metropolitan Toronto is home to not only humans but also a diverse species of rodents, and with rats as well as mice continuing to be an extremely common sight in the said area; their growing presence is likely to pose significant health risks along with causing substantial damage to infested properties. Now let us learn about a few of the major kinds of rats and understand key methods for mice extermination in Brampton.

Common Species of Rats and Mice in the Greater Toronto Area

Also referred to as brown rats, Norway rats happen to be the most prevalent rodent species in the GTA. They are not only robust but also humongous and come with a blunt snout as well as a scaly tail that is shorter than their body length. Rattus norvegicus are ground-dwellers and usually reside in burrows or near water sources. They carry a host of life-threatening diseases and can cause considerable structural damage by gnawing on various materials.

Alternatively called black rats, roof rats are agile climbers and feature a more slender body when compared to Norway rats. They boast a pointed snout and have an impactful tail that tends to extend beyond their body. Typically colonizing in attics, ceilings, and trees, Rattus rattus are excellent climbers and can transmit a plethora of diseases through their droppings as well as urine.

House mice are essentially small rodents with a distinctively large pair of ears and a relatively long tail. Particularly infamous for their rapid reproduction rate, not to mention being astoundingly adaptable, they can thrive in numerous environments, including urban zones, and their infestations can multiply fast if not addressed promptly. Mus Musculus spread various types of diseases by contaminating food sources.

Effective Methods to Exterminate Rats and Mice in the Greater Toronto Area

The first line of defense against rodent infestations is prevention. Seal any potential entry points, such as gaps in walls, windows, and doors. Repair any leaks or plumbing issues that could provide a water source for rodents. Keeping the environment clean and minimizing potential food sources would not only discourage rodents from colonizing a property but also make mice extermination in Brampton a moot point!

Trapping is a common and humane method of rodent control. You may consider employing snap traps as well as live traps to capture rats and mice effectively. Note that the former kind can quickly obliterate the rodent, whilst live traps allow for capture without causing them any potential harm so you may release them later in a more suitable location. However, make sure to place your traps in places where rodents generally travel, such as along walls and in dark corners.

Bait stations are another immensely popular approach to the extermination of household pests. Equipped with a secure container for the safe application of rodenticides, they mitigate the odds of accidental exposure to pets and your children. The rodents enter the station, consume the poison, and breathe their last subsequently. However, you must exercise extreme caution and deploy rodenticides as strictly recommended by their original manufacturers since they may also cause harm to non-target animals in the process.

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