Mice Control

Mice Controlling Services

Mice and rats are identified as rodents and most commonly increase their habitat by roaming to distinct places in search of food. They mostly prefer to eat during whole day and depends on specific food residues. They often create holes and burrows in the deeper parts. Mostly they make canals in wooden and ground areas. Mostly rats penetrate into human living areas from outer gardens and backyards, they make roof tops, shelves and cupboards their preferred places. The most common thing is the use of their tooth on most of the surfaces on the household items, as they want to keep their tooth short and sharper. Mice generally do not bite humans, but it does not mean that they will not make any harms. They contaminate the food and are carriers of very dangerous epidemics, such as plague.


As they start feeding they keep on mating and increase their population at a rapid rate. The number multiplies at a very subtle pace. They are generally grayish brown in color and are about 40 to 50 centimeters in length. Due to their body shape they are able to climb on many places inside homes and get to the unreachable places inside. Due to their activities inside the home, they make a big loss to the residential property. The most common sign of their presence is the rodent smell, fecal pellets and gnawing damages. Mice can even go inside the places with very less space for movements as they can adjust their body shape by squeezing themselves. Mostly the damage is caused to the electric wiring. Various techniques are deployed for controlling their population, but the most effective seems the bait method.

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