Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the most primitive form of species, which is highly active in human habitats. They multiply at a very faster rate and often lay eggs in pouches. In early life they are whitish in color and as they start growing, the color changes from light brown to dark brown. The average life span of a cockroach can be up to 1 year. They prefer moist places to live. Like bedbugs, they are also nocturnal in nature and hide themselves during the daytime. Mostly they are active in nights or when the light distribution is very low. They dwell mostly near the water resources and often feed themselves on residual food items. Most commonly they are found in bathrooms and kitchen sinks. Cockroaches are found in the pipes and holes or any cracks in that moist area.


if cockroaches come in contact with the food items, they surely contaminate it with various microbes and pathogens. Human diet residues are mostly preferred and other human bodily wastes are also consumed by them. Sometimes they also make a great loss to the stationery items. They are also able to fly to a little distance. It is not common in all species, however they posses a great speed of moving around. They inhabit from the sewers and make their way to the houses via the pipes. Although they are not very infectious but some people might get problems when come in contact with the excretory remains.

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