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If you have ever dealt with a potential infestation of sugar ants, you already know how difficult it can often turn out to be to get rid of them. Even the tiniest cracks in your house can be an effective entry point for carpenter ants, pavement ants, and sugar ants, making it almost impossible to eliminate those nasty little creatures on your own.

That is why at KSG Pest Control, we have a dedicated team of industry veterans possessing diverse experience in ant removal. As the best ant control company in Mississauga, each of our exterminators is fully equipped to address all of your pest-related concerns with highly effective and equally safe solutions.

Sugar ants (Tapinoma sessile sp.) thrive on fatty as well as dulcet food articles. Other popular names for these ants are coconut ants, stink ants, and odorous house ants. Although there is a species of ant known as the banded sugar ant, which loves anything remotely sugary and is native to Australia only, other species of sugar ants are a common sight worldwide. These ants range in size from two millimeters to fifteen millimeters and can be orange or black. While they do not sting, their bites are certainly not something that you are going to enjoy!

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Sugar ants can detect even trace amounts of fatty or sweet foods with their strong odor receptors. They also consume proteins as well as plant pollens. Even if you clean up spills and residue that could attract these pests, you may still be at risk of an infestation. Fortunately, being the best ant control company in Mississauga, we guarantee you complete freedom from all kinds of ant species when you team up with us.

There are a few key signs that indicate a possible infestation of sugar ants, including the presence of those insects in your house (especially at night), the formation of hill-like nests outdoors or in certain parts of your home, and visible ant trails leading to a food source. Although the source of the infestation may be present outside, they may have already completed constructing the nests inside your property in isolated areas, such as crawlspaces, basements, or walls.

Our team can help you identify the likely sources of such an infestation and create a long-term strategy from scratch to prevent those sugar ants from returning. We will carefully seal all of the entry and exit points in your house so that they cannot come back in the future.

Before the commencement of our on-site inspection for sugar ants, we recommend fully cleaning your kitchen and disposing of all food residue properly. This involves sweeping behind appliances, tossing out stale food in the garbage bin, storing all of your cooked food in fully sealed containers, removing debris and food leftovers from the dumpsters, and repairing your leaky faucets.

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