Silverfish Control

Like cockroaches and bedbugs silverfish are not commonly seen as per their nocturnal behavior. They are mostly silverfish in color and are named due to the fish like body appearance and their movements resembles fish movements. They are good runners and do not posses any wings to fly. Mostly the average life span lasts approximately 2 to 8 years. The size remains between 1 to 2 centimeters long and they posses antennae in front and back parts of their body. Mainly they are known for eating up the things which suffice cellulose contents. Thus a major damage is seen on books and other stationery as they eats it on a very faster pace resulting loss of valuable documents.


Silverfish is mainly found in the moist and dark areas throughout the home. Wallpaper damages are also common sign of their presence. Food contamination and other damages to the household items is also noticed. However, they generally do not transmit diseases and can live up to 1 year without any food, just being dependent on water. As they prefer moist and moderate temperature conditions, the distribution is commonly noticed everywhere. Silverfish is able to run at a very faster rates and thus its predators may not easily hunt them, despite the fact that they are not much efficient in wall climbing. As they mostly consume starch and cellulose, major damage can also be caused on clothing.

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